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Stay Curious and Step Out

In today’s digital world, when a local moves to a new city or an expat moves to a new country, the most common advice to make new friends and create a sense of community is, “Find an activity or hobby to meet like-minded people.” We think that is excellent advice, until you actually try it.


When searching for exciting activities or workshops on search engines or social media, information is usually scattered or outdated, and often not in a language you can understand. If you manage to overcome those hurdles, it can be impossible to find a suitable activity, at a convenient time slot, with a seamless online registration and payment process.


This is precisely what we experienced when we first moved to the Netherlands. We are Nihal Ashok and Aditya Kolari, former Delft University of Technology students and passionate explorers, experimenters, and creators. We were armed with unlimited energy and boundless excitement to immerse ourselves in the local culture, but opportunities to do so felt few and far between. So, we set out to create a new way of connecting that would help international students and expats in the Netherlands connect with the local culture and meet new people.


Step Out is the starting point of a thriving community of adventurous individuals looking for new ways to become part of their communities and connect with one another. Plus, it’s all housed on one intuitive platform that enables you to find all the activities you need, then sign up and pay for them with a seamless registration process.


Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

We know that not everyone is the artsy type. Or the outdoorsy type. Or any type, really. We’ll admit we don’t know whether making pottery or freshwater kayaking sets your soul on fire. So, instead of making assumptions about what kind of activity you enjoy, we included everything. Yes, everything.


Our activities are tailored to zen masters, thrill-seekers, artists, creators, athletes, and everyone in between. If you enjoy being physically active, we’ll connect you to bouldering, kayaking, archery, windsurfing, and more. If you want to get creative, we’ll connect you to workshops that include handmade ceramics, fiber fleece, mono-print Delft blue painting, and almost anything else you can imagine.


We don’t believe in boxing you into a “type.” We believe bodybuilders can paint ceramic kittens, and violinists can go skydiving. Built on the idea that anyone can do anything, Step Out is created to help you deepen your passions, step out of your comfort zone, and try something new—all while connecting with other like-minded explorers who share your excitement.

Step into Your Community

Built on the insight that human connections create communities, Step Out is designed as a digital space that brings together diverse perspectives, a wide variety of passions, and unlimited opportunities to pursue self-improvement and build meaningful connections.


Created for international expats, Step Out’s core mission is to make it easier for new arrivals to the Netherlands to find and register for any activity that piques their curiosity, while creating an industry-wide operating system that makes our partners’ activities more accessible. We’re proud to be supported by Zuid-Holland, as our activities help in preserving and developing the province’s cultural heritage.


We believe that healthy, creative, and connected people are happy people. They have the power to create small, meaningful changes in their own lives that have a positive impact on our society—and, eventually, the entire world.


We invite you to Step Out of your comfort zone, start moving, and create your community with us as your trusted partner. Are you ready for a new adventure?


Our Journey

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Meet The Team


Nihal Ashok

Co- Founder

Sales & Marketing, Finance

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Aditya Kolari

Co- Founder

Operations, Product development

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Emilia Permata

Digital Marketing

and strategy

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Oliver Hoang

Partner acquisition, Business development

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Advisory Board


Tim De Kraker


Novel-T Advanced program

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Gilles Meijer


Novel-T Start program

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Let’s Work Together

We at Step Out are an international, dynamic team that works hard but always has fun doing it. We are permanently looking for talents to join our teams! Check Out our vacancies.

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